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Gałka okienna vintage z zielonej porcelany i mosiądzu, Limoges

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Producent: Limoges - France
Kod produktu: Z-KL-5398-ZIEL
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A retro window knob made of green porcelain and brass.

Handcrafted in a Limoges porcelain factory in France, these well-chosen handles can beautifully transform the interiors of our homes. Handmade porcelain knobs offer an excellent combination of French taste and high-quality materials, adding style and character to your space. The knob is made of smooth, hard, white porcelain, set on a brass sleeve and brass rosette.

All products from our offer are handcrafted in small workshops, which means they may have imperfections that are their advantage and fit the retro character.

NOTE: Brass products that are not coated with an additional layer of lacquer undergo a patination process. This means that over time, due to contact with water and oxygen, they may change their color. This does not constitute a reason for a complaint. To maintain the original appearance of brass, it should be regularly cleaned with products designed for cleaning colored metals. Avoid using aggressive cleaning agents.

During the installation of porcelain elements, do not use electric screwdrivers. It is recommended to exercise particular caution during the final tightening of screws.

Material Porcelain / Brass
Colour Green/Brass
Height 6,5 cm
Width 4 cm
Rosette  7 cm
Depth 5,5 cm
Spindle  7mm x 7mm x 5,5cm
Distance between screws 4,3 cm


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