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"Black Meteor" Sculpture by Michal Anela

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The "Black Meteor" sculpture, created by the talented artist Michał Anioł, is a captivating work of art that draws inspiration from the wonders of nature, the sea, and the places where the artist resided, namely Portugal and Greece. This sculpture beautifully captures the essence of these elements, evoking a sense of mystery, fluidity, and the ever-changing forces of the natural world.

Anioł's deep connection to the sea is evident in the fluid and dynamic shape of the sculpture, reminiscent of the graceful movements of ocean waves. The smooth curves and contours of the piece mimic the organic forms found in nature, further emphasizing the artist's fascination with the world around him.

The influence of the artist's time spent in Portugal and Greece is reflected in the choice of material used for this sculpture. Crafted from porcelain, the "Black Meteor" undergoes a meticulous firing process at 1200 degrees Celsius, which brings out the inherent beauty of the material. The intense heat of the firing process transforms the porcelain into a durable and exquisite medium, enabling the artist to mold it into the desired form with precision and delicacy.

The use of porcelain in this artwork also symbolizes the artist's appreciation for the delicate balance of nature and the fragility of life. It is a reminder of the interconnectedness of all living beings and the preciousness of the natural world.

As viewers encounter the "Black Meteor" sculpture, they are invited to contemplate the harmony and rhythm of nature, the ever-changing tides of the sea, and the rich cultural tapestry of Portugal and Greece. This mesmerizing piece of art serves as a testament to the artist's profound reverence for the natural world and his ability to infuse emotion and depth into the medium of porcelain.

dimensiona 29 x 27 x 17 
material porcelain
date 2020



Due to the fragility of the artwork, we kindly ask for thoughtful purchases.

The offer applies to one sculpture as presented in the photographs.

In the "Art" section, you can find other creations by the artist from the Meteor series.


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