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Bauhaus Poster - Color Scheme by Alfred Arndt for the Masters' Houses in Dessau, 1926

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This Bauhaus poster showcases the remarkable color scheme created by Alfred Arndt for the Masters' Houses in Dessau in 1926. A true testament to the Bauhaus movement's avant-garde design principles, this poster represents a harmonious fusion of art and architecture.

Alfred Arndt, a talented artist and architect associated with the Bauhaus school, was tasked with developing a color concept for the Masters' Houses, which were designed as residences for the school's faculty. In this poster, Arndt presents his innovative approach to color, reflecting the Bauhaus philosophy of integrating design with functional living spaces.

The color scheme displayed in the poster is characterized by bold, geometric shapes and vibrant hues, creating a striking visual impact. Arndt's use of primary colors, along with subtle variations and contrasts, exemplifies the Bauhaus belief in the power of color to evoke emotions and enhance the overall living experience.

As one of the pioneering movements in modern design, the Bauhaus sought to break away from traditional artistic norms and embrace functionalism and simplicity. Arndt's color concept for the Masters' Houses exemplifies this approach, as it not only adds aesthetic appeal but also serves a practical purpose in defining the spatial experience.

The poster serves as both a historical document and a timeless piece of art, capturing the essence of the Bauhaus movement and its lasting impact on modern design. Whether displayed in a contemporary setting or a classic interior, the Bauhaus poster will undoubtedly command attention and inspire appreciation for the innovative vision of Alfred Arndt and the revolutionary ideas of the Bauhaus school.

Embrace the spirit of Bauhaus and bring a piece of design history into your space with this captivating and iconic poster. Experience the genius of Alfred Arndt's color concept and celebrate the legacy of the Bauhaus movement, which continues to influence design and architecture to this day.

dimensions  84 x 59,4

 The poster does not have a frame.

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